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Your customers are searching to see how reputable you are, let us make sure you look good


Importance of Online Reputation Management


If you own a business or have a brand it is important to take ORM seriously.  By leaving your online search results to chance, it may not end up the way you want it to. 


For instance, a good brand that offers quality goods and excellent customer service will probably have several positive reviews....but because of events beyond your control or things like planned competitor attacks or fake can you a negative online reputation.  When this happens your business is risking losing customers and productive business partnerships. 


By working with a reputable reputation manager, all of these potential problems can be fixed before they escalate, thus helping you prevent or recover from effects of damaging contents.



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Online Reputation Management 101


Contrary to thoughts that Online Reputation Management is all about burying negative news articles and reactions or cleaning up search engine results, it is a comprehensive strategy designed to present to the public the most reputable contents of a company while shielding it against negative narratives.


Although search engine reputation management can benefit a brand by influencing both its rankings and searcher behavior, it is not the only arm of online reputation management.  In addition to a good search engine reputation management, a proper corporate ORM strategy applies public relations approaches like press releases, with a focus on promoting the positive online reputation of such a brand. 


A long-term online reputation management strategy has three important stages – brand protection, crisis management, and continuous digital reputation monitoring.



Negative Online Reputation, whose fault?


It is not always the fault of the brand – there may be a similarity in names with a criminal or a false accusation of a crime, or even unfortunate meddling into a political debate.  Every company, irrespective of how many positive reviews to its credit, can be affected by this.  In the US, almost half of the adults report a negative search landscape about themselves.  While this is disturbing, it is even worse that these harmful contents may stay in your search profile forever or for a long time (until it is cached or archived), even if there is no truth in them.


By working with us, we ensure that your hard work is preserved and that your brand or business doesn’t lose its hard-earned reputation. With our customized reputation management services, we will protect you from damaging information, while we strive to improve and promote a positive reputation that sticks for so long that it becomes permanently infused into your digital profile.


Offline Impacts of Online Reputations


Most people today prefer to look up a new business on Google, LinkedIn, and social media, with their findings guiding their decision.  Thus, it is essential for a company to maintain the best possible online image, as anything short can have damaging effects on the business.  The same is obtainable in our personal lives; a negative online reputation can turn supposedly simple processes like applying for a credit, landing a job, or starting a relationship to challenges.



Popular Online Reputation Problems


Here are the biggest threats to your online reputation:


Brand Ambiguity


This applies to companies whose name is also a common word, and as such, they are entirely excluded out of their branded search. In such instances, you will find it difficult to create and own your search landscape, and it may be tough for customers to locate the real you.


Humiliating Media


Imagine a situation where an inadequate picture or video is posted to the social media profile of your friend, and subsequently leaked to the media or obtained by a photo website.  Or perhaps, some negative photos and videos credited to you or your brand were found in a Google image search.  Either of the two possibilities is enough to cost you your business or job.  It is even more disturbing that these media may stay on Google results forever.


Confusion in Identity


While your reputation may be great, it might not be the same for people that share your name.  In such instances of digital identity confusion, there may be a mix up in social media accounts, thus getting entangled in inappropriate photos and criminal activities.  All these appear in your personal search results. 


Negative Reviews


The first port of call for most consumers is online review sites, and they depend on this sites for information on products and services, which will guide them in making the right decision.  Hence, you don’t want your potential customers discovering complaints about your brands – either on Google, Yelp, or Ripoff.  This can be damaging enough and may cost your business several millions of dollars yearly.  Note that your competitors can stage negative reviews to bring you down.


Lack of Information


When you fail to put up worthy information about your brand or business in front of your customers, you or your brand appear unreliable and inexperienced. 


You can contact us to know more about our reputation management services. We offer premium, long-term services to repair and uphold your reputation using clean and justifiable methods.  You get a free quote when you reach out to us for the first time!


All of our packages are for a length of 12 months and require a $500/$750/$1000 setup fee. 



We will take control of your online reputation and make sure that you are described accurately, associated with the correct business, and make sure nobody is able to change any of your details.  We will provide a detailed monthly report to show your progress and how your customers interacted with your listings. We will also make sure your pin on the map is correct for directions for your customers to find you. This is the Best Value Plan we offer, a great form of insurance for your reputation. Contact us.

$100 Month



Besides all of the services that come with Digital Asset Management plan, this plan features REVIEW MONITORING and Duplicate listing removal. We will make sure that your reputation is protected by alerting you of any negative feedback that might be affecting your feedback. We will also maintain the integrity of your name by making sure no duplicate listings pop up or someone try to change your listing in any way. 

$300 Month



Besides all of the services that come with the Digital Asset Management and the Monitoring plans, this plan will include us writing an individualized response for each complainant and posting it on your behalf.  This plan will also include advanced methods of review suppression and removal. We will give you insights on your industry and where all of your competitors stand with Reports.  Lastly, this will include some more advanced methods of successfully obtaining feedback from your customers. 

$1000 Month
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