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A Cannabis SEO E-Commerce Success Story

When an emerging player in the cannabis product industry from California noticed a dip in their rankings and a worrying decline in sales, they turned to MRB Marketing for a solution. The stakes were high in an increasingly competitive market, but so were the potential rewards. This case study outlines how strategic SEO revitalization turned the tide, resulting in a staggering 300% increase in online visibility and clicks.


The client, a dynamic e-commerce company, had carved out a niche within the cannabis industry. Yet, despite a promising start, they faced a common plight—a slump in search engine rankings and sagging sales numbers, leaving them high and dry. To change their trajectory, MRB Marketing was tasked with crafting and deploying an SEO strategy that would reinvigorate their online presence.


The main objectives of this SEO campaign were threefold:

  1. To diagnose the underlying causes of the client's declining search engine rankings and sales.

  2. To implement a comprehensive SEO strategy that would address identified issues and optimize the client's online content.

  3. To measurably boost the client's website traffic, enhance user engagement, and ultimately generate a significant uptick in sales.

SEO Strategy

MRB Marketing's approach was rooted in a meticulous analysis of the client's website, which revealed several areas ripe for optimization. Here's how the strategy was executed:

  • Content Refinement

A sweeping overhaul of category pages and blog posts was initiated, infusing them with vibrant, SEO-rich copy. This rewriting effort emphasized keyword relevance and cohesiveness across all content, ensuring that the client's offerings connected with the right audience.

  • Link Building

The campaign's backbone was an aggressive link-building initiative, focused on procuring high-value backlinks from authoritative domains within the cannabis industry. These efforts raised the client's domain authority, thereby bolstering their search ranking potential.

  • Digital Mentions

MRB Marketing didn't stop at links. By securing digital mentions through strategic partnerships and industry influencers, the campaign amplified the client's visibility, making their brand a part of the ongoing conversation in the cannabis space.

  • Additional Measures

Alongside these core strategies, MRB Marketing employed a suite of supplementary SEO tactics tailored to the unique dynamics of the cannabis market. From metadata enhancements to improving site structure for user experience—no stone was left unturned in pursuit of SEO excellence.


The results spoke volumes. Within 12 months, the campaign:

  • Increased organic website clicks by an impressive 300%.

  • Elevated the client's search rankings to the first page for hundreds of key terms.

  • Boosted engagement metrics with a lower bounce rate and higher average session duration.

  • Resulted in increased sales volume by 50%, supporting a healthy surge in the client's revenue.


MRB Marketing's targeted SEO strategy scaled new heights for the client in the competitive cannabis industry. By recognizing and rectifying the digital bottlenecks, turning weaknesses into strengths, and persistently pursuing excellence, MRB Marketing delivered a solution that not only met objectives but exceeded expectations.

For those looking to replicate this success, remember, as it was in this case, that the power of SEO, when wielded with precision, can yield results as potent as the products this e-commerce company prides itself on. To market fruitfully in the age of the internet takes more than just a digital presence—it requires the acumen and adaptability that MRB Marketing exemplifies.

Note to Reader:
If you're facing similar challenges in navigating the digital landscape with your business, or if you're looking to significantly enhance your online presence and sales through expert SEO strategies, we invite you to reach out to us. MRB Marketing brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success, as demonstrated in our work within the competitive cannabis industry. Engage with us to explore how we can tailor a strategy that not only addresses your unique needs but also positions your brand for unparalleled online success. Contact us today to start your journey toward achieving and surpassing your digital marketing goals.  We answer the phone; call us at 919-230-0045 .

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