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Ecommerce Solutions for Your Business Success

When it comes to your online store, e-commerce, or shopping experience, succeeding means providing an easy-to-manage, seamless, and fluid shopping process. At MRB Marketing, we know how crucial it is to create an effortless purchasing journey for your customers—from browsing and adding items to their cart to checking out and making repeat purchases.

Why Choose MRB Marketing for Your Ecommerce Needs?

Experience and Expertise

With over 20 years of experience in delivering top-notch SEO services, we have helped countless businesses in Florida achieve their digital marketing goals. We understand the intricacies of e-commerce and possess the expertise needed to make your online store shine.

Personalized Approach

We pride ourselves in offering a friendly and personalized approach. We take the time to understand your unique needs and tailor our strategies to ensure your e-commerce platform thrives in the competitive online marketplace.

When thinking about what to do for your online store, e-commerce, or shopping experience, you'll win with an easy-to-manage, seamless, and fluid way to allow your customers to purchase items, easily check out, review their order, and come back as a returning customer from your marketing.


Use this checklist of the 7 tips for your e-commerce store to keep your online shopping experience on track. If you want an expert who has done this many times to do it then, just reach out to us. E-commerce is going to be the main commerce in a couple of years. Reach out to us and let us help you. You can call 919-230-0045














































Tip 1: Create thorough, well-written product descriptions

Both for the purposes of search engine optimization, as well as for your potential customer's ability to understand what you're offering, you'll need to provide clear details about your product. Include the dimensions, an ingredients list or list of component parts, country of origin, and the overall "story" about this product. Bonus points for if you can explain how this product will solve a problem or make your customer's life easier!


Tip 2: Include professional photos or videos

Online shoppers cannot touch, smell, or otherwise evaluate your product, so detailed, colorful, exciting, branded photos/videos make the difference. Add a slideshow or some other way to show multiple photos per product. Show people using the actual product. Great examples include:,, and


Tip 3: Allow Checkout in Three Steps (or Less)

Each additional obstacle you give to a shopper decreases their motivation to complete the checkout process. Test your online store and see if it's possible to check them out in three steps: a) put the product/s in the cart, b) enter their payment details, c) confirm payment / receive a receipt. Make it easier for your customer and they'll be more inclined to finish their transaction


Tip 4: Consider Coupons

Many e-commerce tools will give you an option to generate a discount code, such as free shipping over $50, or a 10% discount. Ask our team for what makes sense as you launch or re-brand your store.


Tip 5: Make your store Mobile-responsive

Our web team will check your analytics to identify how much of your market is visiting your website on a mobile device - if it's more than 20% we'll recommend or implement a design that is responsive to small screens and allows your customer to easily checkout using their phone, iPad, or tablet.


Tip 6: Increase Customer Loyalty

Because of the cost of acquiring your first customer, you'll want to have them come back to you again and again. Identify what types of needs your customer has, and offer products/services that help your customer. Make it easy for them to return to you by offering ongoing specials (reach out to them via an opt-in customer e-newsletter), a personalized referral code, or "points" toward an additional reward. We'll help you work through the best ideas to generate lifelong customers.


Tip 7: Invest in Social Media Marketing

Organic search generates buzz for your product and store and increases brand awareness. A tight social media strategy that runs on an ongoing basis, with frequent, consistent messaging, signifies that your store is open and ready for business to both new and existing customers. Call us for advice on how our team will help you market your business: we'll run an Instagram campaign, create a targeted Facebook Ads buy, or implement a Twitter strategy, based on your timeline and your budget.


We're here to help with your e-commerce, online shopping, and content creation needs. Use our contact form for a personalized quote, or reach out by phone for information on our e-commerce expertise.



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Top 7 Tips for your E-commerce Store

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