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Meet the SEO Company
that Brings you Leads and Traffic Instead of Excuses

Partner up with a 5 Star Florida SEO agency to put your brand out there so that you can gain more visibility in your niche.


We offer SEO and Local SEO services to help you become visible to potential customers and outsmart your competitors.

Our Clients Always Come First

Hire a Top South Florida SEO Company to Give your Business the Visibility it Deserves. 

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We are More than Just a Company Offering SEO Services

At MRB Marketing, we pride ourselves by offering a plethora of SEO-related services to help you become more visible in your local market. We don’t just do SEO, but we create it. We also perfect it and test it on a daily basis, to ensure that our results become better by the day.

We like to believe that we are some type of SEO scientists, because we like to reverse engineering and discover what methods Google and Bing are using to rank websites. While most SEO Agencies and consultants learn how to do SEO from blogs and YouTube videos, we have managed to develop a unique strategy of our own that we update on a regular basis.

By working with us, you are working with a proven SEO expert that is at the forefront of SEO changes. Ranking your business on the first page locally is our specialty. If you want to rank on the first page for your chosen keywords, do not hesitate to Contact Us.

The Value of SEO


PPC is quite expensive nowadays. In 2019, businesses needed to spend much more on ads than they used to spend 10 years ago. However, with SEO, you can gain a lot of high quality traffic for free. 


By ranking on the first page on Google and Bing for your own set of keywords, you can get free traffic to your site. There is no cost involved by showing on the first pages in search engines.

In South Florida, the value of ranking high in SERPs (search engine results pages) is even greater. This is a rich area, full of tourists and opportunities. Over 95% of local population and visitors are searching for places to eat, products, services to buy or things to do. By ranking high in the local searches, you can become visible to tens of thousands of potential customers.

Experience Long Term Success

Long Term Success: Local Service Business


Google’s algorithm changes on a weekly or monthly basis. In order to remain competitive and outperform our competition, we make sure to be the first ones to find out about Google’s updates. We are connected to the right people, plus we do constant research in order to know exactly what Google is focusing on. As a result, we know exactly how to optimize your site and what key areas to focus on.

We apply each new strategy we develop to all our clients, thus ensuring high rankings for all our partners. With us, you can experience long term success in your business and you can enjoy higher rankings than your competitors. Moreover, you’ll get to rank higher, because we’ll optimize your site just like Google wants.

Long Term Success: eCommerce SEO


6 months later update


Impressions Have Increased

245% - 8400 to 29000 in almost 2 years

147% - 12000 to 29000 in just the last 6 months

Clicks Have Increased 

193% - 204 /day to 598 /day in almost 2 years

 62% - 369 / day to 598 / day in just the last 6 months

This is an eCommerce Company in South Florida

3 YEARS LATER update....

Clicks Has Increased

209% - 113k to 350k in almost 3 years

Impressions Have Increased

406% - 3.7 Million to 19.2 Million in almost 3 years

Performance - Google Chrome 2022-12-12 09.49.26.png

Our Core Values

These are the fundamental beliefs of this organization

At MRB Marketing, we are driven by a core set of values that supersede any potential monetary gain. We focus on working with clients for a long period of time, and we like to establish long term partnerships that benefit both us and our clients.  Our core values are:


1. Honesty

We go a long way to ensure that we are 100% transparent with you. We always do what we say. In case we cannot meet a deadline, we’ll always let you know. We also keep you up to date with how your site has improved in SERPs and we constantly give you feedback on how you are performing.


2. Communication

We are great communicators. In fact, communication is so important for us that we’ll set up several meetings with you before getting started. We want to know exactly how to help you, so we’ll do our best to discover how our services can meet your needs and even exceed your expectations.


3. Focus on the client

While SEO is the aspect that all things should revolve around, we strive to make you happy. Our focus is on the client and our services cater to the exact needs of each customer, rather than on the average SEO needs. For instance, if you want to focus more on local search and mobile, we’ll help you attain your goals, and focus less on ranking your business on Bing or Google nationwide. 


However, if your focus is solely on your site, and you don’t need any link building, we’ll try to show you why link building is important. If it doesn’t changes your mind, we’ll make the most out of on-page optimization to help you get as high as possible in SERPs.


4. Reliability

You can rest assured that our word is bond. We never fail our clients, but always keep our promises. We are a trustworthy South Florida SEO company with years of experience in this industry, and we’ve never disappointed or failed to meet expectations.


5. Giving

Whether it is giving free actionable advice in a free consultation or donating our time to a needy business. We are truly compelled to help, sometimes the smallest things can make a considerable difference in a family's life


- SEO with Proven Results: we offer complete SEO services to customers from Miami, Fort Lauderdale and other cities in South Florida. No matter what area you’re targeting, we can help you enjoy an unfair advantage over your competition and rank higher than them for your target keywords.

- Free Audit: we offer you the guarantee of a properly designed SEO plan, so we’re willing to go the extra mile and give you a free audit. Based on it, we can continue to work together in order to improve all the aspects in the audit.

- Experience: we have over 18 years of experience in the local SEO industry. We’ve been helping hundreds of South Florida companies over the years, and we’re confident that we can help you too.

- Expertise: all our SEO consultants deal closely with our clients. As one of our client, you’ll be working hand in hand with a real person, and you’ll benefit of real expertise and support. Our strategies are part of an ongoing learning process, so you can rest assured that you’ll work with the best in SEO.

- We’re your neighbors: we’re not just some SEO company far away, but we are a local Florida SEO agency. You can always come and talk to us face to face. This gives you reassurance that you’ve chosen well and that your site is on good hands.

why us.jpg

What is the SEO Process?

While we are extremely flexible into how we work, we also tend to follow rules and processes. In fact, we love to follow the following SEO process with all of our customers, because we’ve found it to be the best when it comes to search engine optimization.


Step 1: We shake hands and we begin our partnership

After we discover exactly what your needs are, we create a custom offer for you. Once you approve it and we shake hands, we’ll be able to begin our collaboration. Know that SEO has nothing to do with magic or unrealistic expectations. Instead, it is a proven step-by-step optimization process that includes several strategies and tips. We optimize your site after a complete set of rules.


Step 2: Get to know you more

Next, we need to spend some time understanding your business. We dive into your competition, your keywords, your site infrastructure and your online presence. At this point, we’ll ask you to provide us with as much information as possible about your business goals and your previous search engine optimization attempts.


Step 3: Design your custom SEO strategy

After we’ve discovered all the specifics related to your business, we’ll focus on designing a tailored SEO strategy for your needs. We ensure that the strategy we devise focuses on growing your specific KPIs. We also ensure that we create a strategy that can be achieved within a specific time frame. For example, if you want to rank for a specific keyword, we try to give you an accurate amount of time we need to rank up your site for that keyword.


Step 4: Put it into practice

Now this is where the fun part begins. We’ll start optimizing your site first, using on-page optimization techniques. We’ll focus on browser compatibility, fixing W3C errors, testing your site speed, improving code on the page, fixing 404 errors, applying the canonical tag, creating schema markup, optimizing your content and checking for any Google penalties that are in place.


Next, we’ll start focusing on off-site optimization techniques. We’ll use social bookmarking, article submission, infographic creation, blogger reach out, video submission and press releases. We’ll also optimize your Google My Business listing for the local searches, and we’ll try to get your business in the local 3 pack.


Step 5: Monitor the results

And lastly, we’ll make sure you get all the reports needed in order to see how your business is growing. We create customized reports that show you all our activities and the outcome. Our SEO experts will work closely with your team so that we can all enjoy a cooperative and friendly partnership for a long time to come.

Top 3 Reasons Why Clients Choose MRB for SEO over a “Big Box SEO Company”?

1. Locality - Were not just a voice on the phone, we can walk in your door and talk to you.

2. Expertise – When you call “Big Box SEO company” you speak to a salesman. That person’s job is to sell you, they know the basic amount of SEO information… just enough to get the sale or fool someone who is new to SEO into thinking they are an expert. What clients fail to realize is that a lot of their vision and some of the important small details are lost when you talk to someone who isn’t working on your account. They sell you and move on to the next one, just before they hand it off to someone who you have never spoken to… and most likely never will. At MRB this is never the case, when you call and speak to us you WILL be speaking with one of our experts who are going to be working on your account. This person is trained in all the latest SEO strategies not only thru research and studying…. but by doing and measuring its success.

3. Experience – We have ranked many sites successfully; you can check out some results on our results page. With over 18 years of SEO under our belts we are who you want to be working on your site.

Data Driven SEO Strategies

Our SEO services are 100% Data Driven. This means that we don’t take guesses about what to do. We use our seo tools to gauge, measure, and adjust websites to maximize the traffic and conversion rate. We will find the most successful competitors in the industry and reverse engineer their strategies, we look at what they have done, see where they were able to gain ground and implement a plan based on that solid data.

We will track your competition as close as we track you

We track their rankings just like we will yours, not only does it serve as on heck of a useful resource against the competition, but it lets us see how the landscape is performing. We watch what backlinks they build to see if they are valuable and then target the appropriate ones. We watch what keywords they target and adjust accordingly to make sure you have maximum visibility in your market. In a lot of cases you will have better data on your competition then they will have themselves. 

What Types of Businesses do we Serve?

Local Businesses, National Businesses, & eCommerce Sites

We have the solutions that you need to make your business successful online. Not too familiar with the latest SEO strategy or best the way to maximize your return on investment in Pay per click advertising? No worries, we know that as a business owner you don't have very much time to spare let alone time to learn Digital Marketing and SEO. Let us be the experts so you don't have to be.

“Let us do the SEO and you do everything else”




Q: How Can SEO Help my Business?

A: SEO, or search engine optimization, enables your business to rank in search engines on specific keywords. For example, if you have a pizza shop in Miami, SEO will enable you to rank for keywords like “pizza shop Miami” or “best local pizza place” or “top pizza Miami”. You’ll be able to rank on both desktop and mobile searches, including in Google Maps searches. 

With SEO, you’ll be found by thousands, even tens of thousands of potential customers searching for what you have to offer. The best thing about organic traffic is that it converts much better than paid traffic, because people have already expressed their interest to buy the product or service they’re looking for.

To start maximizing the benefits of SEO for your business, contact us now 


Q: How do you do SEO?

A: At MRB Marketing, we do SEO by the book. We’re focusing on staying up to date with all changes Google and Bing bring to the market, so we know what SEO aspect to focus on. For example, Google recently released an update that offers priority to pages that use the SSL protocol and have a high on-page engagement rate. This means that Google focuses more on user experience and on user security.

We do SEO following a strict set of rules. We begin with keyword research and then we start fixing the errors on your page. Next, we perform link building and leverage the power of social media to help you rank even higher.


Q: What is Blackhat SEO?

A: Blackhat SEO includes all the techniques that Google disapproves. It includes placing links on 3rd party sites, creating link farms, using too many keywords, doing keyword stuffing, and the list goes on. We never use blackhat SEO at MRB Marketing, because we believe in being genuine and transparent. Moreover, we want to protect our clients from any potential Google penalties.


Q: What is a Google Penalty?

A: A Google penalty is issued against sites that break Google’s rules. Sites that utilize blackhat SEO methods or violate Google’s rules and regulations are prone to penalties. Penalties can be issued automatically via robots or algorithm changes, or manually, by a Google employee who has found out about your site.

If you get a penalty, it might get up to a year to remove it from your account. It’s simply not worth the risk. That’s why we recommend you hiring an SEO agency in Miami that uses only white-hat SEO tactics.


Q: What is the Difference Between the Concept of Search Engine Optimization and Pay-per-Click?

A: Most marketers agree that SEO is totally different than PPC, but they join these two anyway under a larger umbrella called SEM, or search engine marketing. As for the differences between the two, SEO is a way to naturally improve your site’s position in SERPs, while PPC includes only tactics you pay for. PPC allows you to bid for certain keywords, creatives and ads, and be showcased on platforms like Google Search Network, Google Display Network, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and the list goes on.


Q: How Long does SEO Take?

A: There is no right or wrong answer here. Depending on your needs, it might take between two months and two years. This is a long-term process. Best results always come in time. 

 You can compare SEO with any hobby you might have. Learning to playing piano or learning to swim takes time and practice, and you can only master them after many years. Similarly, SEO may take more than a year, depending on your growth potential and your reach. However, once you reach a certain level, such as the first few positions in SERPs for rich keywords, you’ll be able to reap the huge benefits of SEO for your business.


Q: Why does my Ranking Fluctuate?

A: That’s something totally normal. Since 2015, Google is offering personalized results to users. This means that you might only gain access to a select group of users with certain interests. RankBrain, the AI ranking machine from Google is trying to decide what’s best for each person, based on previous searches and cookie preferences.

Google also takes into account factors like location, past search history, browser history and account used to log in, to show users different results. Ultimately, the competition is always strong, so you might face yourself with a fierce SEO agency that is ranking your competitors higher than yourself.


Q: Should I Start the SEO Process Even if I don’t have a Site?

A: Yes, we highly recommend you do. Actually, SEO should be implemented together with your site infrastructure. SEO is an integral part of your site, and your platform should be built around the best SEO practices.


Q: How much does SEO Cost?

A: As a rule of thumb, the cost of SEO services go up if you’re branding yourself in a highly competitive niche. Moreover, the cost of SEO increases with the size of your site. If you want to rank a 30-pages site, that’s going to cost much more than ranking a 10-page site.

Moreover, the final price will take into account previous SEO work done to your site and the competition. If you want to rank for a keyword that has over 100.000 searches a month, that will take a lot of time, effort and money.


What Our Clients Have to Say

We know what exceptional customer services means, and we will go the extra mile to make sure my clients reach their goals. For many years, We've helped our clients transform their businesses thanks to our consulting services, and We are so proud to see them on the path toward success. See what my satisfied customers are saying and get in touch with me today.

Check out our Google Reviews or Our Yelp Reviews

We are a Full-Service SEO Company based out of South Florida. Experts in our field we offer everything from complete SEO Packages, Consulting, On-Site SEO services, and In-Office Training.  We love what we do and have fun doing it. We can get you more exposure online and put your business in front of customers where they are searching.  We will identify where your customers are looking for your services or products, find out what they are typing in to find your type of business, and optimize your site so you show up when those keywords are searched. We Get Results! We are not Expensive and would love to give you a Free Consult.

Very effective! They put our company on THE map, top of Google! Brian is a master of his craft and always available if we have a question or concern. I wouldn't trust anyone else. Simply the best, top notch!!

Mike C - Pest Control

Brian is amiable, conversational, extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He taught me a great deal about SEO that I didn't know. He gave me specific instructions to incorporate into my website to improve SEO and generated a list of low competition, high-value long-tail keywords that I can really use! I totally recommend him to any business owner for expert advice.

Valerie F - B2B

They definitely knows their stuff. I hired this company to help build my business's local online presence. They did a lot more than just improve my google ranking. Now I am getting 2-3 new clients per week without spending any money on marketing. Thank you!!

Peter D - Auto Parts


Have a particular challenge you’re trying to deal with? Contact us today and we will see what we can do for you.

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