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This is one of our clients. Maritza's Beauty Salon is a Full-service Dominican hair salon in Raleigh NC. I have to say that they are some great stylists and it is a pleasure working with them. I have to point out that they do No Paid Search at all and rely only on our SEO services. We built the website, helped with content, took over their google my business, and currently run their SEO campaign. They were so successful that they were able to open another location nearby. They hired us for that account as well, you can see below... We dominate the first page of google for many keywords.

clubmen fb header.jpg

We have been working with this company for a while now. In fact, we get our hair cut there as well. Walking into this project they were already a successful company and being recognized for their unique skills as you can see in the image above. The owner Ben comes from a famous prestigious salon in New York and has literally the best barbering stylist skills we have ever seen...hence why we go there! We take care of there SEO and manage their google my business account and feedback. We took their site that was ranking on page 4-5 which was position # 40-60 on Google and brought it up to page 1. Please keep in mind that the image below is the average of ALL of his keywords, some ranked on page #1 position #1-10  quicker than others. 

best barbershop in coral springs - Googl

Below you will see the rankings for just one of the thousand or so keywords. This one is particularly great because the buyer is much more likely to convert (or engage) to a business that ranks high in a quality-based keyword.  They are only behind Yelp a $173 million dollar company... the Goliath. By the way, we blurred out the map listings because we are located far from the business at the time of this posting so it won't show up like you were near, screenshots coming soon from Coral Springs area. They are always in the 3 pack and even show up for parkland and surrounding cities. 



Let MRB Marketing take your business to the next level of online success. We know that you are busy running your business and don't have time to be an expert in something else. We can get you those first page results that will get people calling, walking in your doors, or contacting you for your services. Please use the form below to contact us or you can also reach us at 954-716-0603. Thanks for taking the time to look at our company. We're glad you found us!

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